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MR Grade Plywood

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This is An ISO Certified Product.

MR Grade Plywood Details.

  • MR grade plywood, short for Moisture Resistant plywood, is interior quality plywood designed for covered, and indoor type constructions.
  • MR Grade plywood is an excellent choice for indoor structures, for instance, Kitchen cabinets, office, and home furniture, etc. All the MR Grade plywood sold on Tradologie conforms to the Indian standards regulations, i.e. IS:303.
  • Interested in the purchase of MR Grade Plywood at the best price? Please reach out to leading MR Grade Plywood suppliers and wholesalers by either giving us a call at: 0120-4148741, 4148742, 4148743, or by just clicking the button on the left side of the screen. We guarantee you quality, convenience, and reliability


MR Grade Plywood on Tradologie


MR Grade Plywood trade in India is mostly driven by Plywood dealers and traders who procure the material from various Plywood Manufacturers operating in the Region through a series of Middlemen, Brokers & Distributors, which on the following stage is sold to the Consumers. Trading of MR Grade Plywood involves large Credit Cycles which inflates the cost by almost 20% which is ultimately paid by the end consumer who purchases material on an Immediate Payment Basis. offers this unique Opportunity to the Plywood dealers, traders, and bulk End-Consumers to Directly Procure BIS certified 100% genuine Plywood Directly from approximately 50 reputed plywood Manufacturers in Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Delhi/NCR and save up to 20% of the procurement cost. Tradologie makes it possible by simply removing the middle-man and the unwarranted third-parties between Plywood manufacturers and traders, and therefore the additional cost.

Through, Plywood dealers and all bulk End-Consumers can now invite multiple plywood Manufacturers on a Single Window for obtaining MR Grade Plywood price list on their specific requirements and individually negotiate for the best price with them. model guarantees that the plywood Manufacturers honor the Order placed by them at the final negotiated price and deliver Waterproof Plywood and Block boards to Trader’s Doorstep without incurring any extra charges.


Currently, services more than 50 orders of MR Grade Plywood a day, from all leading brands such as GreenPly, Sonear, Duro, Century, Regal and BhutanTuff, etc. for a complete range of Plywood Waterproof, MR grade plywood, Shuttering plywood, Blockboard, Flushdoor, MDF Board, Particle Board & MDF Ply


Growth Drivers

The demand for wood-based panels has been on the rise in India, and several factors drive the consumption of MR Grade plywood in the country. The sheer quantum of population growth is expected to sustain the off-take of plywood. India’s population is growing annually by 1.58% and a large part of its population falls under the ambit of the ‘middle-class’, which is usually the largest consuming segment within the economy. Present urban housing shortage (million units) that will be gradually liquidated, resulting in the substantially sustained growth of the plywood sector demand-supply ratio in India, which can radically catalyze growth in plywood off-take.


Shortage of hotel rooms in India, representing a large latent plywood demand. More than 50% of India’s population is below the age of 25 and around 65% below the age of 35, making India one of the youngest countries in the world. This combination of youthfulness and economic productivity is catalyzing homeownership and investments in interior décor.


India’s realty market has grown from $66.8 billion in 2011 to $170 billion, which has enhanced the procurement of interior infrastructure materials mainly plywood (plywood waterproof, MR grade plywood, shuttering plywood, blockboard, etc.). The Indian furniture market was estimated at $887.50 million in FY2014. With a compounded annual growth rate of 25% through FY2015-19, this market is estimated to reach $5.7 billion by FY2024.



Despite these growth avenues, the plywood industry is still grappling with some acute challenges. Resource insecurity is one of the major barriers for plywood manufacturers in India. Myanmar, which has one of the largest forested regions in Asia, implemented a ban on log exports recently.

This has hugely impacted the sector. Rising land cost is another major challenge before the industry. Land acquisition is likely to cost 3-3.5 times more, and the rehabilitation and resettlement costs are also likely to triple, according to CII.


This could affect prospects for plywood companies who are intending to expand. The delayed introduction of the Goods & Services Tax has also affected the ability of the organized sector to carve out a bigger market share.


Why you should buy MR Grade Plywood through Tradologie?

  • Guaranteed Savings of up to 20% on buying MR Grade plywood from Tradologie.
  • 100% Genuine and BIS Certified Products.
  • No Hidden Cost, All plywood Prices are Inclusive of GST, Freight & Loading.
  • 100% Payment Security in Transactions Routed through ESCROW account upon your Confirmation of Quality & Receipt.
  • Dedicated Customer Care Service to address all your concerns.
  • We keep our time of Dispatch sacred, along with guaranteed Quick Resolution in case of contingencies maintaining 100% Transparency.

Get the best MR Grade Plywood price list now, and procure directly from the plywood manufacturers! Please give us a call at 0120-4148741,4148742,4148743, or click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button on your screen.

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India rice rates gain, other hubs struggle to keep ...

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I have procured 5,000 bags of cement through last month and I have saved around 20%. Awesome work done by Tradologie Team!

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John Smit


I have procured 5,000 bags of cement through last month and I have saved around 20%. Awesome work done by Tradologie Team!

testi 1

John Smit


I have procured 5,000 bags of cement through last month and I have saved around 20%. Awesome work done by Tradologie Team!

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John Smit


I have procured 5,000 bags of cement through last month and I have saved around 20%. Awesome work done by Tradologie Team!

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John Smit


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