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We present you to 30,000
Rice Traders across the World

Through E-mail Marketing and Digital Footprints, our company shall promote your products and company to a database of more than 30,000 rice traders, Importers and Exporters present across the world and help establish your credentials with them.

The customized Micro-site developed by us for your company shall provide prospective buyers the opportunity to know about your company and can be used by you to showcase your products & facilities to buyers.

Our company shall be sending 8 dedicated mailers to the rice traders across the world per month showcasing your products. All this shall be done for a cost of Rs. 26000/- + service tax Per Quarter which comes out to be less than Rs. 0.03 per customer reached.

We don’t sell Leads,
We Ensure Trade

Unlike other B2B portals, our company is not selling you leads and enquiries obtained from buyers. You shall be contacted by our website after a Serious Buyer Deposits 1.5% performance guarantee on our platform to show his seriousness and commitment about procuring material from the platform.


Payment On Delivery, No Credit

Our Platform is designed to facilitate trade on cash payment basis meaning that you shall receive the payment in your account either through LC opened in favor of your bank in your account or through ESCROW account of the bank upon the confirmation of receipt of material by the buyer. In both cases the, the payment obligations shall be completed by the buyer well before the dispatch of goods from your premise.

Completely Transparent, yet Secret

Unlike the brokers present in the market, our charges and commissions are completely transparent and your trade credentials like rate, quantity, etc. are completely secret. We shall never publish at what rate did you get the order.


Modelled around Business

Our endeavor has been to digitalize the Current Market Practices and to provide a Digital Interface to current business methods. The Live Negotiation window developed does just that by connecting you directly with Buyers from across the world from the comforts of your office. While Negotiations you are also able to gain knowledge about the current pricing Trends which shall help you place your products correctly in the market.

GST Ready

The platform shall help you develop new connections across the country and make you ready to take the benefits of the upcoming change in the tax regime. With the equalization of trade across the country you shall be able to find both buyers and sellers to help you cater grow your business quicker than other players.

Cost effective

Cost Effective

Our Patron Plan provides you the opportunity to showcase yourself to more than 30,000 Buyers and purchase from 15,000 Sellers across the world and country respectively at a cost of less than 3 paisa per connect. The plan also lowers the commission payable by you to our company by 0.5% & the cost paid for patron membership shall be recovered if you receive an order of 100 MT from our platform.