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Edible Oil

Welcome to the World’s First Enquiry-To-Delivery Trade Enablement Platform, with a global base of several edible oil buyers, served by our numerous edible oil manufacturers every single day. We replicate current business practices , via technology to connect Edible Oil Importers and Wholesalers Across the world directly to the edible-oil manufacturers with the aim to bring into mainstream its contemporary and mechanized procurement practices through one dedicated platform for cheap, easy, and hassle-free procurement of desi-ghee, mustard-oil, olive-oil, sunflower oil, etc.

We have successfully minimized all the known flaws of traditional import/export practices, for instance, intruding Middle-man, delayed services, unsatisfactory quality through the use of technology.

Long story short, Tradologie allows global edible-oil buyers to seamlessly acquire premier quality oil, in time & cost-efficient manner through a dedicated platform accessible through any browser or the Tradologie App.


Edible oils comprise one of the three major classes of foods, carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Edible oils can be obtained from terrestrial or aquatic animals, from the seeds or leaves of varied plants, from the pulp, or the nut/stone of many fruits. Edible oils are used in many products not only to make food palatable but also to make them functional.

The global edible oil market size was valued at USD 97.32 billion, recorded in the last financial year. The steady rise in Population has seen a Steady Increase in the Demand of the Edible Oil Industry at a CAGR of about 11%-15% for the past decade and is forecasted to increase at a steady pace of CAGR 5% - 7% in the next 5 years.

Almost 35 % of the Estimated $ 120 Billion Edible Oil Industry is Retailed to Households across, globally with the balance being consumed by the Food Processing and Foodservice Industry. The Recent Past has seen a Drastic Increase in the consumption of Palm Oil, which is one of the Cheapest Edible Oils and is commonly used as a feedstock for biofuel production.

Due to the Increased Demand for Palm Oil, Plantations of Palm have been done in almost all countries to provide Raw Material for Local companies. Despite Local Productions, Countries of Large Populations depend heavily on Palm Oil and Other Edible Oils Imports to meet the requirements.

The Largest Importer of Edible Oil in the World is India from Indonesia and Malaysia and is also the world’s Third Largest consumer. India also produces 9 types of Oilseeds making it the world’s 4th Largest OilSeed Producing Country following the USA, China, and Brazil.

The Indian Edible Oil Industry & Market has been rising Steadily and has a telling impact on the World Scenario. India accounts for 10-12% of the Total Oil Consumption, about 8% of the Seed Production, and close to 15% of Oil Imports due to the mismatch in the Raw material Production and Oil Extraction Industries in the country.

The rising number of hotels and restaurants from countries including China and India on account of supportive government policies are projected to boost the utility of edible oils. Also, shifting preference of middle-class income groups of countries including Saudi Arabia and UAE, to opt for dine-out during weekends is expected to open new market avenues in the foodservice sector over the next eight years.


Tradologie is a flexible platform on which a buyer can input his specifications of Edible-oil, to be procured by them, in bulk. doesn’t charge any extra cost from its valuable customers for high-scale procurement of edible-oil and the entire process is highly transparent, yet secure. The interaction and transaction process at Tradologie is all conducted in real-time, making the platform secure, reliable, hassle-free, and extremely transparent.


  • Guaranteed best price and secured payment.
  • Genuine edible-oil manufacturers are directly registered with us.
  • All the leading edible-oil exporters are registered on our platform.
  • We don’t sell inquiries; we ensure trade through the most transparent and secured process.
  • 24x7 customer care service to solve your grievances.


Tradologie only allows verified Sellers and Suppliers who have established export credentials and Manufacturing facilities to become registered sellers on the platform, only after verifying the facilities of the seller. The Buyer has the option to choose from Oil Exporters, Manufacturers, Stockists, Wholesalers, etc. while floating his inquiry for Negotiation


The buyer on the Tradologie platform has to be a registered entity, having credentials of Edible-oil Import or Agri Import or be a registered Agri Trader, Agri Wholesaler, Agri Aggregator from across the country or the Globe. Buyers with only clean records and complete certifications are entertained at Tradologie. Idea is to ensure clean and secure trade between the traders. To maintain the genuineness of the traders on the platform, we make sure to background-check all the buyers and suppliers, for a lasting trade relationship.

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