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about us

Tradologie.com has been setup with an aim of digitalizing the current Import-Export trade & the bulk Domestic Trade by setting up a market place which brings the manufacturers directly in contact with bulk consumers across the world. The company aims to providing the stakeholders, a platform, which replicates the current trade practices and provides enquiry to payment (End-to-End) solution to help them in conducting international business in a transparent and cost efficient manner.

The company, in the first phase, plans to focus its efforts in tapping the Middle East market and service their needs of 16 basic products of mass consumption in the initial phase and plans to tap suppliers in 8 different countries, initially, which are capable of catering to the needs of the region.

With the help of a robust technology framework and a hardworking team having knowledge of doing business in the Middle East, the company believes that it shall be able to rope in a vast majority of buyers and Government Procurement Departments in the region by providing them an alternative to the time consuming and costly tendering system which narrows their reach to a few global suppliers due to the highly fragmented nature of the market.



To provide a fair and convenient online platform which brings the consumers in direct contact with the manufacturers of products.



To digitalize existing market practices and minimize human intervention.

To act as an innovative channel for sales and distribution through the use of technology to minimize the cost incurred in setting up traditional channels and passing on the benefits to the stakeholders.



For the First time in the world, trade is being enabled through to use of technology through Tradologie.com (formerly efactorydepot.com). Tradologie, is a B2B marketplace developed to enable international & domestic bulk trade of commodities & products, and act as a direct interface between the actual buyers and sellers to reduce influence and cost of the traditional distribution channels.



Tradologie.com has created the option for buyers to Buyin bulk without moving from their offices by witnessing rates from around the world on One screen and at the same time provides the sellers an opportunity to negotiate multiple orders simultaneously around the globe without leaving the comforts of his office



Through the use of modern technology, Tradologie is able to replicate the current market practices from the stage of enquiry where the buyer is able to put in his custom requirements and approach verified sellers across the country and the world to fulfil them to the stage of delivery & payment where the seller is able to make the delivery and receive payment, all through the use of Tradologie.



Not only does Tradologie help in connecting the relevant stakeholders, the platform has developed a Unique Negotiations Mechanism where all the sellers are able come to the platform at a designated time bid to bag the order with the lowest quote. This Unparalleled Transparency in the negotiations is accompanied by Complete Secrecy during the order placement and delivery. The platform provides complete freedom to the buyer to place an order to any number of chosen suppliers, individually.