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Dry Fruits

Dry fruit is a specific Agri-Commodity. It is high in demand in the global markets for ages. It is a sort of healthy fruit that is dried in nature, nutritive, and takes time to get the perfect state for consumption. There is almost 0.01% of water content in dry fruits as the whole water content is either removed either naturally or through the drying process or the specialized tools.

Dry fruit has a long history in the ancient world when Iraq was known as “Mesopotamia” for more than five thousand (5,000) years ago. There was a valuable place for it in different cultures that existed in the town or outside the town. The rulers of the town were found with a great appetite for enjoying dry fruits in their regular life. They believed that eating dried fruits boosts their brainpower and provides long shelf life. Today, the consumption of this fruit on the global level has been expanded as raisins, apricots, figs, pistachios, dates, prunes, and almonds are demonstrating tremendous demand. The import-export businesses of dry fruits are seemed to be on cloud nine in the digital business era.

  • Global Demand: Massive in the forthcoming years
  • Production: Biggest: Raisins & Apricot
    Earliest: Dates & Raisins
  • Nutrition: Consists most nutrition value of fresh fruits
  • Benefits: Strengthens Bones & Muscles; Improves Cognition; Longevity
  • Origin: India; Mediterranean; Caribbean; Mesopotamia; Arabic countries
  • Uses: In delicious dishes; Restaurants; Smoothies; Green Diets; Raw: Sacred stuffs

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Who can export Dry Fruits on Platform

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Who Can Buy Dried Fruits Through This Next-Generation Platform

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Different types of dry fruits high in demand in the global market

There is a variety of dry fruits when it comes to consumption with different nutrition & specifications. Every dried fruit has the perfect place according to the country and its climate. The consumption of this commodity is spreading worldwide for the last decade. You will be delighted to know that the global market of dried fruits was notable with the valued at 8.94 billion US$ in the fiscal year 2019. The board of trustees suggests that the demand for dried fruits is constantly rising cause of the rise of health-conscious consumers after the pandemic specifically is remarkable. Some major demanded dried fruits are given below


Raisins are the dried grape that is precious and grown in many regions in the world. It is used in delicious dishes specially cooked during festive seasons. This dried fruit has marked its importance in the global market and getting the interest of foreigners from many importing countries. It is a subject of imperative that every raisin exporter needs to focus on.

You will feel blessed to know that the global market of raisins is anticipated to account for a CAGR of 4.77% that value will be around 2,782.2 million US$ by 2026.


Apricot has plenty of fiber, minerals, and antioxidants that leads to a strong lifestyle. This dried fruit is the highly demanded dried fruit in the global market. The including Beta-carotene is excellent for promoting eye health. It may be eaten raw or deep-water soaking overnight. The demand is increasing for the last couple of years up to 5% CAGR.

Turkey-the biggest exporter of dried fruits is the leading country in exporting fresh Apricots in bulk to importing countries.


Prune is specifically known for its health benefits like high immunity, healthy heart rhythm, and Vitamin A & B. Prune is becoming a favorite among international consumers. They consume it raw during the winter season. There is a high global demand for this dried fruit as it consists of a sweet taste & that taste is exponential for the benefits of health.


Dates are the dried fruit that can mark your export business in the global market. This is high demanded dried fruit in the world’s markets. Dates are a prominent source of achieving fitness goals. It keeps the consumer’s stomach free and light and fights with the weight-leading cells in the body.

The consumption of this dried fruit is expected to grow in the forthcoming years with remarkable value. All exporters or businessmen having this dried fruit in bulk can register on the platform to complete the global demand at the best price.

Future Possibilities in the Market of Dry fruits

The ongoing pace of the consumption of dry fruits worldwide will surely take the world to get a healthy lifestyle. The consumers who eat dried fruits in their regular life are influencing others from their physicality. 63.8% of the global population is indulged in buying sorts of dried fruits from grocery stores.

The major importing countries like the USA; the UAE; Indonesia; European countries; Sri Lanka; Vietnam have a great surge for importing assured quality dried fruits from 2022 onwards. This pandemic made people consume dried fruits to get high immunity and keep body temperature normal to reduce the chances of inflammation.

Now, in this dynamic digital business era, is the one-stop solution to make your import-export business ultimate without a phone ring or an e-mail. If you have a great desire or feelings to be grateful for your business then you are well aware of what to do after reading this write-up on the page.

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