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Pulses are crop plant of pea family that produces nutritional edible seeds which are widely used by humans as well as animals. Pulses are widely used by humans in different form that makes it healthy diets. It has a very high protein content that makes it a perfect high nutrition food rich in fibber and protein. In many parts of the world, pulses are the second most important source of nutrition after maize. In sub-Saharan Africa, a large amount of population depends upon pulses as primary source of staple food.


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About Pulses

Pulses are grown in over 100 countries commercially with Canada, Russia and China leader in the production of dry peas. Over one-half of the world’s total dry peas are produced in these three countries alone. The production of dry peas in Canada increased from 1.57 MT per in 1980s to almost 3 MT in 2012.

Production of Pulses

The world has witnessed an increase of whooping 31% in the production of pulses during the years 1990 to 2014. In 2014 the production of pulses was 77.6 MT. India is the biggest producer of pulses with total 20% of world’s pulses are produced in India alone. In India, pulses are the most important part of nutrition as most of the population in India are vegetarians and depends largely on pulses for the protein and calories.

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