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India's 74% Surge in Sunflower Oil Imports in May Drives Up Prices in Ukraine

Published Date: June 10, 2024

Looking to import or export edible oil in bulk? In May, India witnessed a substantial increase in the import of edible oils, marking a 15% rise to 1.5 million tons compared to April. Notably, palm oil imports surged by 12.4% to reach a 4-month high of 769 thousand tons, driven by lower prices. 

Simultaneously, the trade process to import sunflower oil skyrocketed by a staggering 74% to 408 thousand tons. However, soybean oil imports experienced a decline of 16.5%, totaling 322 thousand tons.

Keep reading this blog if you are a trader of bulk edible oil. As this article will provide you some of the insights into the latest developments in the market. So, let us get started. 

Price Dynamics and Market Trends

Dealers report varying price points for different types of oils. Imported crude palm oil (CPO) is priced at $948/t CIF, while soybean oil and sunflower oil stand at $1028/t and $1035/t CIF, respectively. The surge in palm oil imports contributed to an upsurge in the purchase of refined palm oil, indicating a possible favourable margin for traders. Experts anticipate that India's need to import palm oil in June may reach approximately 750 thousand tons.

Impact on Global Trade

India's reliance on palm oil from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, and its sourcing of soybean and sunflower oil from Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, and Russia, significantly influences global trade dynamics. 

The surge in demand from India, particularly to Import Palm Oil and sunflower oil, is poised to impact various facets of the global edible oils market.

Implications for Market Dynamics

1. Increased Demand: The spike in Indian imports signals a surge in global demand for edible oils, particularly palm and sunflower oil. Nations that export edible oil in bulk, especially sunflower and palm oil, might ramp up production and export activities to meet this heightened demand.

2. Price Fluctuations: Price disparities between imported CPO and other oils like soybean and sunflower oil could affect market dynamics. Lower palm oil prices relative to its counterparts may drive higher imports, influencing its price and trade volumes.

3. Market Competition: Intensified competition among palm oil-producing nations is likely as they vie to cater to India's burgeoning demand. This could necessitate adjustments in pricing strategies to maintain competitiveness in the Indian market.

4. Sunflower Oil Exports: Despite the decline in interest from buyers due to falling palm oil prices, the surge in sunflower oil exports from Ukraine in May indicates robust market demand. However, ongoing fluctuations in prices may impact future export trends.


India's shifting market dynamics, characterised by a surge in edible oil imports, particularly palm and sunflower oil, wield significant influence over global trade patterns. As India emerges as a key player in the edible oils market, stakeholders must navigate evolving demand-supply dynamics, price fluctuations, and competitive pressures to sustain growth and profitability. 

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