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Agroexport Reports New Projects Enabling Russia To Boost Agricultural Exports by $8 Billion

Published Date: February 09, 2024

Russia is implementing investment projects that will raise agricultural exports by more than eight billion dollars. Dmitry Krasnov discussed this on air during an online program. is a user-friendly SaaS based global trade hub and your streamlined solution for B2B agro-commodities procurement and sales. Connect with global bulk agro-commodities buyers or bulk agro-commodities sellers, bypass middlemen for higher profits, and secure the best bulk prices effortlessly. Simplify your rice agro-commodities or procurement with 

Agricultural Investments 

He says we are talking about 320 similar projects. Simultaneously, he explained that approximately four billion dollars of this total will be sold in the current and upcoming years. Krasnov observed that priority areas of supply turned out to be lamb, pork, and milk powder in addition to our nation's traditional exports of grains and oilseeds. 

The Agroexport head also discussed their recent implementation successes, which included livestock farming. Specifically, the nation supplied 10,000 tons of beef to Iran last year—a ten-fold increase over 2022. In addition, the nation exported roughly 20,000 tons of powdered milk overseas in the last year. Krasnov described these as significant achievements and a valuable contribution to the export basket. In addition, he pointed out that Russia's capacity to produce and store large amounts of powdered milk helps the country build up adequate reserves. When combined with its widespread export of goods, this capacity will also help the country stabilize the dairy industry on the market. 

According to Krasnov, in order to sustain export growth, the government must continue to implement support measures, including non-financial ones like promoting Russian goods abroad. He stated that the primary objective is to make room for products to be promoted in international markets. "If we do not start investing money in promotion, buying out shelves, and creating niches to sell our products, we will not see much movement," the expert said. 

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