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Rice Importers in Kuwait

Rice Importers in Kuwait

Kuwait is a very important market for the Indian rice exporters. Although since last few years the Rice Importers in Kuwait have been importing rice from other countries including Pakistan, Vietnam, and Thailand as well, the trade between India and Kuwait is higher than with that of any other Asian countries.

Rice industry is one of the main potential sectors that could enhance the bilateral trade ties to a new height. A wide variety of rice importers in Kuwait have preferred the Indian rice due to its fresh and natural quality.

The export of rice from Pakistan to Kuwait is witnessing a significant decline since the last many years. It has lost its share since 2010 owing to neglected marketing, the evolution of new basmati varieties, price instability, and mainly visa restriction act that was imposed in the year 2011. On the contrary, the Indian rice export market has been rising from the many past years. Also, the country's rice export to Kuwait has been consistent in the market.

India has consistently been among the top ten trading partners of Kuwait. Also, Kuwait has been a reliable and fourth-largest supplier of crude oil to India.

The Government has launched a scheme that non-basmati exporters can obtain up to 5 percent benefit under the merchandise exports scheme. The scheme came into effect on November 26 last year.

Basmati Rice Importers in Kuwait

Basmati Rice Importers in Kuwait is enjoying huge profits by importing high quality basmati rice from verified basmati rice exporters from India. India’s exports of Basmati Rice grew by 11.54 percent at worth Rs.16, 963 crores during the current financial year 2019-20. India exports approximately 4.5 million tons of Basmati Rice to the world every year on an average. Likewise other Gulf and Middle Eastern countries Kuwait has also been one of the main buyers of basmati rice from India.

Basmati Rice Price is rising in the international market due to the growing demand from Iran. Usually the demand and price of basmati increase around the time of the year when Iran starts imports of the rice. According to a research report, the direction of Basmati Rice Exports for the period 2001-02 and 2002-03 indicated that only the import share of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia retained stable for basmati rice in the International market.

Benefits to Rice Importers in Kuwait

Rice from India is typically sold at a premium rate in most of the world’s market due to its high quality. Below are some of the benefits to Rice Importers in Kuwait when importing rice from India:

  • Import the rice directly from Manufacturer and Producers
  • Operating cost is lower in India
  • Increase the profit
  • New import product opportunities
  • Provide new supplier opportunities for the buyer
  • Economy open to foreign importers
  • Faster, easier, and simplified trade operations

How to Export Rice from India to the Rice Importers in Kuwait?

Export process from India to Kuwait

Rice Importers in Kuwait prefer only high quality of rice from India. There are many types of rice exported from India to Kuwait by proper implementation of the guidelines mentioned by the Government of India that are prepared considering the international standards in check. The procedures are usually common in almost all countries. Here, the information is given about the process to export rice from India to Kuwait. Most of the process of export and import is same. However, the technical terms used for the import and export process could be varied from one country to other.

Following are some of the rules that are required to be followed while exporting rice from India, the same are given below:

  • Import Export Code number is required to act as an Importer or Exporter.
  • One time licensing procedure to act as an Exporter/Importer is required to be completed.
  • After the arrival of rice in Kuwait, necessary import procedures are undertaken by the consignee in Kuwait.
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