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Sugar Market to Experience Modest Surplus in 2024-25 Season

Published Date: May 17, 2024

According to commodities trader Louis Dreyfus, there would be a slight surplus in the world sugar market in 2024–25, totaling to 800,000 metric tons as opposed to 2.5 million tons the year before. Brazil's future is still unclear. During a presentation during New York Sugar Week, Enrico Biancheri, the head of sugar for Louis Dreyfus, stated that production increases in Thailand and Europe due to more cane and beet planting will partially balance the decline in production in India if the Indian government is a next-generation, globally verified, transaction-oriented SaaS platform for B2B commodity sales and procurement that connects bulk buyers and bulk sellers of commodities, primarily of branded food and agro-commodities and facilitates operations for them. Sugar producers and sugar sellers can easily get the best price on the platform if they sell sugar in bulk while buyers can Buy Sugar in Bulk from vendors across the globe. There are no middlemen involved, and the company facilitates the entire process, which guarantees maximum profits in the shortest time-frame.

Thailand, Europe to Lead Increase in Global Sugar Output

Dreyfus's projections state that although Europe and the United Kingdom are likely to boost manufacturing by 800,000 tons to exceed 17 million tons, Thailand is anticipated to produce an extra 1.6 million tones in 2024/25, for a total of 10.5 million tons. Global sugar output has increased by 2.5 million tons due to increased planting across various regions of the world, as highlighted by Biancheri. He clarified that while sugar cane substituted former cassava fields in Thailand, it flourished despite the loss of grains or ranching in other countries, such as Brazil.

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