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Production of Barley:

Barley is a nutritious cereal grain that has been grown for over 10,000 years now. It is grown on nearly 60 million hectares of land around the globe, resulting in the production of approximately 140 million metric tons of grain. The top 10 barley producing countries includes Russia, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, United States, and Denmark.

Global Outlook of Barley:

The Barley production has been traditionally important in the world.

Barley is the fourth largest grain worldwidewith a share of 7% of the global cereals production. This statistic provides a forecast of barley production volume worldwide in 2018/19, by country. In that year, Argentina produced about 4.5 million metric tons of barley.

World barley production from 2008/2009 to 2018/2019 (in million metric tons), as in 2016/2017 crop year, barley production amounted to approximately 145.96 million metric tons.

In 2017, barley production for India was 1.75 million tons. Though India barley production fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to decrease through 1968 - 2017 period ending at 1.75 million tons in 2017.

India is not only the largest producer of cereal but also the largest exporter of cereal products in the world. The important cereals are - wheat, millet, barley and maize.

The average yield of the major cereal crops have been continuously increasing since 1960’s. The world barley production increased from about 100 million tons in 1960’s to more than 170 million tons in mid 1980’s and decreased to 140 million tons in 2000’s.

Barley trade accounts about 7% of total production before mid 1980’s and increased to about 11% after mid 1980. The total amount of barley traded had passed 20 million tons in 1990 and is now around 15 million to 18 million tons.

Exporters $ Importers of Barley:

According to the leading barley exporters’ stats worldwide, the European Union exported approximately 5.3 million metric tons of barley in the year 28018-19. Among the top exporters, the fastest growing barley exporters were Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Russia and Hungary.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest importer of barley and the top most other importer countries of barley are China, Belgium, Netherlands, and Japan.

Main Producing and Consuming Centers:


Crop Calendar:


Trading of Barley in India:

Barley is cultivated as a Rabi crop in India. It is sown during October to December and harvested from March to May. Although production is low, the country is self sufficient, besides exporting 0.1-0.2 million tons of barley annually. India’s annual production has been stable at 1.2-1.5 million tons in recent years.

In India, barley is largely grown in the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, West Bengal, and Jammu & Kashmir, some regions in Bihar, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh with a contribution of 34%, 30% and 12%, respectively, in total acreage. Together, these states account for about 80% of the total acreage.

Rajasthan being the major state in India, producing barley and therefore, Jaipur (main trading centre) has been selected as the basis centre for the NCDEX (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited) Barley futures contract. Other 2 major states cultivating barley are Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

• Consumption demand for barley in India mainly comes from malt, poultry and animal feed. Barley malt is mostly used in the production of beverages in the country.


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About Barley

About Barley

Barley is an annual cereal crop consumed as a major food and feed. Basically a grass crop, and is considered to be the fourth most-important crop in the world after wheat, maize and rice. This crop has been commercially grown for 10,000 years now. It is originated in the Middle East and in the lands of modern day Ethiopia. As a wild grass it was used as feed for animals during early periods, but with the progress of civilization it was cultivated. The European rulers introduced this grain to the new world in the 16th and 17th century. Currently, it is used as food, feed and for the preparation of alcoholic beverages.

Who Can Be The Buyers Of Barley On Tradologie

Anyone who is looking forward to buying a bulk amount of Barley and has the credential of barley importer, food industry that involves the bulk amount of barley or a registered trader of barley, barley stockiest, barley wholesalers, can be registered as sellers on Tradologie. The minimum amount of procuring barley from Tradologie is one container which weighs 4 tonnes.

Who Can Be The Sellers of Barley on Tradologie

Only verified barley sellers and suppliers can be registered as sellers on Tradologie. When it comes to getting registered as a seller on this online B2B platform, the business needs to prove that they have established the proper export credentials and manufacturing facilities. Tradologie itself verifies all the facilities of the sellers before finally getting them registered on their platform.

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