Sugar Trading

Sugar is one of the most commonly traded agro-commodity products worldwide. The product is traded through Tradologie as per customer’s bulk requirement.

Tradologie is the World’s First Enquiry-To-Delivery Trade Enablement Platform, with a global base of more than 25,000 Buyers, served by our 800+ elite manufacturers every single day. It makes comfortable business practices that customers can purchase sugar products from the comfort zone of their home or work place at a convenient time.

Tradologie helps to connect buyers directly to the sugar manufacturers, and also helps in the transparent transactions between buyers and sellers. The procurement is hassle-free through its dedicated platform. One can get all the details of the verified suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers in the same place without help of the middle-man.

The platform has successfully carried off all the known flaws of traditional import/export practices, for instance, delayed services, unsatisfactory quality, and transit, devoid of the latest technology, etc.

Tradologie allows global sugar buyers to seamlessly acquire premier quality sugar, largely categorized under White Sugar and Brown Sugar; in a time and cost-efficient manner through the dedicated platform accessible through any browser or the Tradologie App.

Top Sugar Producing Countries

Brazil, India, and Thailand are the top sugar-producing countries around the world. Brazil alone is responsible for producing around 39 million tons of sugar.

The top rank countries for producing sugar are as follows:

• Brazil-39 million

• India-24.8 million

• EU – 15.5 million

• China-10 million

• Thailand-9.26 million


Sugar is broadly categorized into three types. These three types of sugar are traded on Tradologie which are as follows:

White Sugar

5 types of white sugar are available in the market which are as follows:

• White Granulated Sugar

• Powdered Sugar

• Superfine Sugar

• Coarse Sugar

• Sanding Sugar

White Sugar

Three types of Brown sugar are available in the market, which are as follows:

• Light and Dark Brown Sugars

• Turbinado Sugar

• Muscovado Sugar

• Free-Flowing Brown Sugar


Tradologie allows trading only to the Sellers and Suppliers who are verified and have established manufacturing facilities and export credentials as well. Tradologie registers a seller on the platform only after completing the multi-tier verification process. We give our buyer options to choose from and to trade with all types and sizes of rice sellers including Rice Exporters, Rice Miller, Rice Manufacturers, Rice Polishers, Rice Wholesalers, Rice Stockers, and Large Rice Traders & Rice Aggregators while floating his enquiry for the Real-Time Live Negotiation. Thus, only the genuine and actually capable sellers get opportunity to sell Sugar Online.


Only a registered Rice Import or Agri Import entity having valid credentials or a registered Agri Trader, Rice Trader, Agri Aggregator, and Agri Wholesaler from across the nation or the Globe can become a buyer on Tradologie platform Buy Sugar through the platform.


  • Guarantee for the lowest price and 100% secured payment
  • Over 800 rice verified manufacturers, millers, and exporters are directly registered on our platform
  • All the major and popular rice brands are registered on Tradologie
  • Say No to enquiries, get assured trade through Tradologie's world class trading platform
  • Solve your grievances and queries with 24x7 customer care service that supports you at every step of procuring Sugar Online.


Although rice is a crop that has a tendency to be consumed in the country where it is produced, likewise maize and wheat, the rice is also in high demand in the international markets for consumption. The same can be witnessed by the fact that the international rice trade volume has augmented by almost six folds, i.e. from 7.5 million tons annually in the decade of 1960 to an average global rice trade of around 42 million tons in the financial year 2018-19.


Rice is one of the most essential food crops for all the humans present in the world. With more than 700 million tons of annual production, more than a hundred countries harvest rice every year. In comparison to any other crops, rice is preferred and consumed more by people all around the world. Led by Sugarcane and maze at the first and the second place respectively, rice is the third highest grown agriculture commodity in the world. Renowned as the staple food across Asia, it feeds almost half of the world’s poorest people. In addition, it is becoming increasingly vital for the people residing in Latin America and Africa.

According to a report published by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), with a total harvested area of around 167 million hectares approximately 740.3 million tons of rice is produced every year globally, from which, China alone produces 209.8 million tons of rice, followed by India with 156.6 million tons of Rice grown every year. With 640 million tons of rice produced annually, the Asia continent is alone responsible for 90% of global production. On the other hand, the annual produce of rice in Latin America and the Sub-Saharan Africa is about 25 million tons and 19 million tons respectively.

If we talk about India’s overall food grain production, rice is solely responsible for more than 40 percent of the food grain production. According to a report issued by the Government of India, the production of rice was recorded at 115.6 million tons, which was approximately 4.59 million tons higher than the rice production of 111.01 million tons occurred in the financial year 2017-18.

By far, two if the world’s largest rice producers are China and India respectively. Some other large producers of rice are Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Myanmar.

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