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Soybean On Tradologie

Buyers can find almost all types of soybean products on our online trading platform which presently boasts more than 50 sellers from different parts of India and, more than 200 international sellers from different parts of the world.

On Tradologie, you can procure soybeans coming in different sizes and hull colors such as Black, Brown, Yellow, Green, etc.

Soy Seeds: Some soybeans are needed to produce fresh crop each year. You can easily buy the excellent quality of soy seeds for germination purpose from the associated sellers on our trading platform.

You can find all types of soybeans products for human consumption On Tradologie.

Whole soybeans: whole soybeans are an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber. You can purchase bulk soybeans online from our registered sellers.

We also offer other soybeans products like soy milk, soy chops for human consumption.

We have non-GMO soybeans sellers from different countries like Ethiopia, Brazil, Canada, Kenya, Uganda, Argentina and many more. You might be wondering to know what non-GMO refers to. GMO refers to any organism whose genetic structure has been changed by using advanced genetic engineering. So by non-GMO soybeans products, we are only relating to the products that have not been gone through any genetic engineering process.

Who Can Buy Bulk Soybeans FromTradologie:

Anyone who is into the whole-sell business of soybeans or running a soy product based business where purchasing bulk amount of soybeans is necessary, can buy directly from the sellers through our comprehensive trading platform.

Finally, Why Tradologie?

World’s First B2B Marketplace :

It’s the world’s first B2B marketplace that acts as a smart and fully interactive interface between the original buyers and sellers. When it comes to purchasing soybeans online, you can use Tradologie to stay away from influence and cost of traditional distribution channels so that you will able to save up to 20% on the total purchasing cost.

Offline Trading Of Soybeans Through Tradologie Makes Things Super Easy:

No matter wherever you are, you can always trade on the move through Tradologie.

Get Direct Live Quote From The Sellers and Manufacturers:

The entire platform of Tradologies involves no middlemen or intermediary service. Thus it ensures direct dealing with the sellers. Tradologie only registers the sellers who are authentic and offer the best quality of soy products.

Wide Market Research:

The extensive market research always helps Tradologie find all the soy products that are in high market demand.

Instant Availability Of Soybeans Products:

On Tradologie, you can only find available products. All you need to do is mention the required amount of soybean product, and the smart bidding technology ensures the most competitive rate obtained from all the sellers.

Tradologie Offers Complete Transparent Trading Platform For Both Buyers and Sellers:

The best part of using the platform of Tradologie for procuring the bulk amount of Soybeans is that you and your sellers can make the trade in a complete transparent environment without compromising the trade secrecy.

Online Counter-offer:

You can give a counter-offer to your seller which he/she has to answer within 15 minutes. No personal dialogue is allowed in the negotiation process.

Fully Secured Payment:

Unlike the traditional trading market, you can use the most secure payment method to proceed with the payment formalities on Tradologie’s platform. Escrow is one of the most effective payment methods in the world of online trading as it gives flexibility to the buyers to release the payment after the goods are delivered.

Tradologie Allows You toInspect The goods:

As a buyer you have the facility, to begin with, the good’s inspection procedure after making the payment. You can find multiple inspection agencies at Tradology and, you can choose any one of them to inspect the goods.

On-Time Delivery Of Goods Offered By Tradologie:

Tradologie ensures the promptest and the most hassle-free delivery of goods at the doorstep of the buyers before the last date of dispatch. Tradologie uploads the proof of delivery to verify the receipt.


What Our Community is Saying...

Ashok Gupta

Tradologie has a very professional team of customer support executives who has made the whole process very simple for me.


I have saved almost 9% by procuring bulk soybeans from this online B2B trading platform. High recommended.


The best part of using the online platform of Tradologie is that I could easily make the deal directly with the suppliers and manufacturer.


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About Product

Facts About Soybeans:

Soybeans or Soya Beans are a type of legume mainly found in the eastern part of Asia. Soybeans are the critical part of the Asian diet, and they are grown primarily in Asia, South and North America. In Asian countries, including India also, soybeans are often eaten whole, but heavily processed soy products are much common in western countries. There are different types of soy products are available in the market, and some of the well- consumed soy products are-soy protein, tofu, soy milk, soy sauce, and soybean oil. Soybeans are filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients that are associated with a lot of health benefits.

An Overview On The Soybeans Market in India:

Soybeans hold a critical position in Indian agriculture and economy. India produces around 7 millionstonnes of soybeans, and Madhya Pradesh is the leading Soybeans producing a country of India. Regarding the consumption of Soybeans, Indian ranks at the 6th in the leading consuming countries.

Of the entire production of Soybeans in India, 10%-12% of it is directly consumed, and rest is crushed to produce soy meal and soy oil. The soy milk produced in India is highly prevalent in European and Asian countries. India exports almost 65% of total soy-meal produced globally. India is the largest exporter of soy meals in Asian countries. The Asian countries where India exports soy milkare- South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan.

India doesn’t import soy milk to meet the growing demand, but that’s not in the case of soy oil. A significant share of soy oil consumed by India is imported from countries like the US, Brazil an Argentina.

Domestic Market Recap of Soybeans :

The Trading of soybeans has becomea little sluggish in major markets in India. Spot soybeans have experienced a sudden price drop g in the benchmark market of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Refined soy oil faced losses by Rs 5 to Rs 745/Kg. The only price which has managed to stay stable in the present market is the price of soy meal. Right now, it is steady at Rs 29,500 per tonnes.

According to most of the financial analyst, it is the higher import of soil oil from overseas countries has hurt the domestic market. Thus, the Indian Government has already put the thought about increasing the import duty in a bid to curb the import a bit. The main objective here is to provide better returns to farmers so that they can feel encouraged to cultivate more.

If you are looking forward to buying a bulk amount of Soybeans at the most competitive rate unlike the middlemen influenced the market price, Tradologie could be the ideal platform for you.

Global Outreach Of Soybeans:

According to the multiple reports, the global Soybean market accounted for $136.23 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $236.48 billion by 2016 growing at a CAGR of 6.3% during the forecast period.

Preference for having healthy food, increasing awareness of the health benefits of soybeans and huge demand for the soybean oil are some of the factors fueling the market growth.

Based on Geography, Asia Pacific has been holding the leading market share during the forecast period.

Trade Of Soybeans:

As we all know that soybeans is one of the most popular pulses and the popularity comes from its importance and uses. It is widely used as livestock feed, a vital substitute for meat, a great source of oil, etc. It is estimated that the price of the soybeans will increase exponentially as the world’s population increases the demand for the product. From the perspective of Trading, soybeans futures are very liquid contracts and offers great potential to make profits day trading soybeans.

Soybeans trade is a global trade and it is highly appreciated in. Producers and marketers make up most of the trading groups in soybean markets.

The traditional trading of soybeans are done mainly done by the soybeans traders or brokers as they buy soybeans directly from the suppliers and manufacturers and sell it to the sellers for a price with the high profit margin.

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