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The use of scrap dates back to the beginning of human existence itself. Since the dawn of civilization and the earliest attempts at manufacturing, humans have recognized the intrinsic value of scrap and the benefits associated with using and re-using existing products to create new goods. But the modern, capital-intensive, and global scrap industry we know today evolved from humble origins. In the early days of recycling, scrap peddlers in the world would typically buy and trade relatively small quantities of used household items, used farm equipment and other goods, and today’s scrap processors and brokers have certainly retained that entrepreneurial spirit. As manufacturing ramped up and became more complex in response to society’s expanding needs, scrap recycling took on even greater importance, adapting not only to market drivers, but also shifting priorities in the context of our finite natural resources. In the second half of the 20th century, the scrap recycling industry continued to grow, becoming more innovative, competitive, and capital-intensive. In the last several decades, the introduction of containerization and the surge in commodities demand from China and other developing economies helped to create an even more globalized scrap marketplace.

With Scrap Being such a Global Commodity, its supply is ever present in all economies of the world but the recycling in carried out to a larger extent in growing Economies where recycled metal usage is far greater than the Virgin material & with Scrap being a by-product rather than being a manufactured Item, its value is dependent purely on the demand and supply.

Tradologie. Com endeavors to link scrap aggregator & shredders directly with the recyclers located across the world by providing a seamless One-Stop-Platform which provides a Safe and Secure Conduit for conducting Business along with helping in arranging logistics for the transportation of material from the source to the user. aims to create a Vibrant Trading Market for the following scrap metals :-

  • Iron & Steel Scrap
  • Aluminum Scrap
  • Copper Scrap