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Cambodia Urged To Update Rice Value Chain

Published Date: May 22, 2023

Rice is one of the most exported commodity worldwide. From biryanis to kheers, a wide range of cuisines can be made out of it and hence the demand for rice remains strong all year round.444444

However, the staple grows only in hot and humid climatic conditions and hence the Asian nations (like India, Thailand and Vietnam) hold huge significance in global rice trade. 

While the global demand for rice remains strong all year round, it is important to note that only high quality rice makes it into the markets of top rice importers of the world and as a rice exporter, one cannot afford to compromise on the quality.

The same has been highlighted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Cambodia’s case. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) carried out a study and in its conclusion made an appeal to the Cambodian authorities to take measures to update the rice value chain to milk the immense opportunity that the strong global demand presents.

Asian Development Bank’s Conclusion

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) conducted a study on Cambodia and it concluded by saying that there lie immense opportunities for rice exporters of the nation in the global rice market. However, there is a dire need to update the rice value chain. The ADB has also made an appeal to Cambodian authorities in this regard.

The term “value chain” is very popular in marketing management and it basically refers to all activities that are concerned with adding value to a product, right from production to it’s arrival at customer’s doorstep.

The ADB remarked that Cambodia has huge potential to become a rice basket in Southeast Asia. However, to establish itself as a major rice exporter, it needs to update its outmoded rice value chain. This would be helpful in achieving the twin objectives of food security and export expansion. 

ADB’s Senior Project Officer (Agriculture), Mr. Chanthou Hem said that reforming the agriculture sector of the country would be an important step to brace disasters and climate impacts. Talking particularly of rice, he pointed that rice commercialization would be an important agriculture sector reform. 

The Asian Development Bank (ADB)’s conclusion is of immense significance especially in the current situation, as only a few days earlier, Cambodia’s PM made statements in this regard.

Official’s Statements

Few days ago, Cambodia’s Prime Minister, Hun Sen highlighted that there is a huge need for conducting research on high-yielding, climate resilient rice seeds so as to help the farmers of the country produce high quality crops that meets the market standards.

The Bottom Line

Located in Southeast Asia, Cambodia has exported 871,319 tonnes of unmilled rice in the first two months of 2023 and is making constant efforts to establish itself as a rice exporter on the global front. However, the country’s outmoded rice value chain is acting as a barrier and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has also highlighted that Cambodia needs to update its rice value chain to achieve its objectives of self-sufficiency and export expansion.

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