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Cambodia Exports 400K Tons of Rice in First Eight Months

Published Date: September 19, 2023

According to the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF), Cambodia has exported 400,000 tons of milled rice in the first eight months of 2023, estimated at $278.65 million to the world market with Europe as its major importer.

This year Cambodian government set a target of 700,000 tons of rice export, out of which 58% of the target has already been achieved. Europe has imported over 164,682 tons of milled rice worth $113.73 million whereas China is standing as the second largest importer of Cambodian rice hovering around 143,818 tons of milled rice, estimated at $91.64 million.

The recent statistics by CRF stated that other countries from Africa and Middle Eastern Asia imported around 56,507 tons of milled rice at the value of $49.58 million during the first eight months of this tenure. Other five Asian countries imported 36,692 tons of rice estimated at around $23.64 million.

Last Saturday the Prime Minister of Cambodia said that Indonesia is agreed to import 250,000 tons of Cambodian rice during the upcoming four years. Cambodia will be exporting 100,000 tons of rice in the first phase.He added, “The government does not have milled rice and it needs to be bought from our farmers, which equally means that we go out to market the products of our farmers.” 

According to the reports, the fragment-milled rice dominated the exports contributing over 81.93% of the total exports. White rice, parboiled rice and other categories contributed 12.99%, 3.33% and 1.75% of the exports respectively. 

Cambodian Rice Export History

Traditionally, Cambodia is a major rice-exporting nation in the world. In 2021, Cambodia was the seventh largest rice exporter across the globe. During this Cambodia exported around $836 million in rice. The major Cambodian rice exporter was Vietnam, China, and other European nations.

In 2022, Cambodia exported around 637,000 tons of milled rice, up 3.23% year on year. China was the largest importer of Cambodian rice during the previous year. This rice export was estimated at $414.29 million.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Cambodia exported around 400,000 tons of rice in the first eight months of this year. European and Chinese markets are the largest importer of Cambodian rice estimated at around 310,000 tones of rice worth over $205 million.

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