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Telangana: Agriculture Minister Appeals To Centre To Adopt Export Friendly Rules For Rice

Published Date: June 13, 2024

Looking to export rice in bulk? Agriculture Minister Thummala Nageshwar Rao's recent appeal to the Centre for support in rice exports marks a significant development in India's agricultural landscape.

The Global Rice Summit, 2024, witnessed his fervent call for export-friendly rules and regulations, aimed at benefiting paddy growers and expanding India's share in the global rice market. In fact, there is no surprise that bulk Rice Importers  are also of the opinion of easing the export restrictions.

Telangana's Leading Role in Rice Production

Telangana, distinguished as one of the leading paddy-producing states, stands at the forefront of this endeavour. Minister Rao highlighted the state's substantial progress in resolving production-related issues and emphasised the cultivation of fine varieties, which enjoy favourable markets worldwide. With rice cultivation spanning over 12 million acres and an annual output exceeding 26 million tonnes. Though not significant, Telangana's rice exporters have had their portion of share in the international export market. 

Expanding Export Markets

Telangana's rice exports to countries such as the Philippines, USA, Bangladesh, and the United Arab Emirates underscore its growing presence in the global market. Certain rice varieties from the state have garnered considerable popularity abroad. Despite effective resolutions of production-related challenges since Independence, concerns persist regarding market-related issues, necessitating concerted efforts to address them and opening opportunities to export rice in bulk.

Opportunities for Dialogue

Minister Rao expressed gratitude towards the organisers of the summit for providing a global platform to exchange experiences and information pertinent to rice production and exports. His sentiments were echoed by Civil Supplies Minister N Uttam Kumar Reddy, who emphasised Telangana's readiness to engage in dialogue with the Government of India to overcome obstacles hindering rice exports. With an ample stock of both coarse and fine rice varieties, the state is poised to engage in export activities, provided conducive measures are in place.

A Pathway to Revitalised Rice Exports

The Minister's plea for export-friendly policies signifies a crucial step towards revitalising India's rice export sector. By addressing market-related challenges and fostering dialogue with stakeholders, there exists a tangible opportunity to restore and enhance India's position in the global rice market. The abundance of rice varieties and the state's readiness for dialogue underscore the potential for growth in this sector.


As Telangana takes proactive measures to bolster its rice export capabilities, the call for support from the Centre sets the stage for collaborative efforts to overcome existing barriers. With a rich agricultural heritage and a commitment to innovation, India stands poised to reclaim its stature as a leading player in the global rice trade. By fostering an environment conducive to exports, the nation can unlock new avenues for economic growth while empowering its agricultural community.

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