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Germany: Agricultural Product Imports Total 57.9 Billion Euros from January to November 2023

Published Date: February 14, 2024

During the January - November 2023 period, the quantitative share of agricultural product imports that were made up of goods of plant origin (such as grains, fruits, and oil seeds) was 80.0%, whilst the percentage of goods of origin from animals (such as meat and milk) was only 20.0%. Plant goods also dominated in terms of value, accounting for 65.7% of the total, in contrast to 34.3% for products made from animals. This indicates that during January to November 2023, 35.2 million tons of items with a plant origin valued at 38.0 billion euros were brought into Germany. 8.8 million tons of commodities with a connection to animals were imported during that time, with a total value of 19.9 billion euros. From January to November 2022, the amount of items of plant origins imported rose by 4.5%, but their value decreased by 4.8%. From January to November 2023, imports of commodities of animal origin rose 2.2% in terms of both volume and value as compared to the same period the previous year., designed in India, for the world, is a user friendly SaaS based global trade hub and your streamlined solution for procurement and sales of B2B commodities such as rice. On the platform, connect with verified global bulk agri-commodity buyers or bulk agri-commodity sellers, bypass middlemen for higher profits, and secure the best bulk prices for your business, effortlessly. Simplify your rice sales or procurement with

Most Important Recipient Countries for German Exports: Netherlands, Belgium and Italy

The majority of agricultural products either originated in or were exported from Germany's neighbors. The majority of agricultural exports were made to the Netherlands. 7.6 million tons of agricultural goods valued at 6.3 billion euros were shipped there between January and November of 2023. Belgium and Italy came next, with 1.9 million and 1.8 billion euros, respectively, and 1.8 million and 3.5 billion euros, respectively. As a result, agricultural product exports to the three most significant receiving nations increased in volume. The Netherlands saw a 9.0% increase in quantitative exports, Belgium saw a 7.0% increase, and Italy saw a 7.3% increase. The value of exports to the Netherlands decreased by 0.4%, despite increases in value to Belgium (+10.4%) and Italy (+3.8%).

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