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Central Asia: Onion Prices Declined, Farmers Of Kazakhstan Complain

Published Date: January 31, 2024

The continuous issues with the selling of onions in Central Asian nations are brought to light. We alerted readers to these issues in our June piece, "What would we do about onions from August?" We previously discussed how the costs of onions in Uzbekistan are falling and that they are currently considerably lower than they were during harvest. Kazakhstan provided additional confirmation of the region's issues related to an overabundance of onions. Farmers in the Almaty province are finding it difficult to sell their produced onion crop, according to a report from the APK News agency. is a next-generation, globally verified, transaction-oriented SaaS platform for B2B commodities sales and procurement that connects bulk buyers and bulk sellers of commodities, primarily of branded food and agro-commodities and facilitates operations for them.

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Trade Ministry Pushes Onion Exports

Remarkably, the nation's Ministry of Trade recommended cultivators to sell onions abroad. However, the issues are with export! Because shipping goods to the EU or the Middle East is expensive, and because Russian farmers are also facing the same issues due to an excess of onions on the market, Kazakhstan's onion prices will need to drop considerably in order to increase exports. This was revealed during a meeting between the Almaty region's vegetable growers and Aidar Abildabekov, the Chairman of the Trade Committee. Farmers said they were having trouble offloading their current stock of onions

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