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Even though industrial metals commodity prices dropped for much of 2013-2014, many prognosticators agree that the long-term outlook for the metals and mining sector investing remains strong. Part of this confidence stems from the lack of enthusiasm demonstrated by many public investors near the beginning of 2015; better buying opportunities tend to be found when prices are low.

Industrial metals, such as copper and steel, will continue to be tied to the economic growth in China and India. In fact, several of the top global mining corporations are majority-owned in China, India or Brazil. It's impossible to predict the degree of economic liberalization or cartelization that will be exhibited by BRIC nations, but their influence on commodity metal and mining stock prices is considerable. endeavors to harness the demands in these critical markets and help in establishing a Deal-to Deal Transparent Yet Secret Trading Mechanism through which the procurement of such commodities can be isolated as much as possible from the speculative nature of the Industry & to help the true stake holders generate maximum benefits.

    The metals in which aims to establish the Trading in are:-

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc