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Why should I Purchase Coal Through provides the buyer’s Opportunity to bring Coal Suppliers Across the World on One Single Window where they compete against each other to provide the Buyer with the Best Rates. seamlessly completes all possible tasks entrusted to the procurement department of any firm by enabling Buyer’s to give counter offer to any chosen Seller and even split orders amongst different sellers so that the buyers can purchase the material efficiently and cost effectively.

Who are the sellers providing Rates of Coal through only empanels sellers who are major importers of Coal in the country or have established Credentials in the coal market in India. Only after completing KYC and gathering Market Information about the credibility of each and every supplier, does provide access for them to Quote Rates to the buyer.

How will Deal with Quality Issues in Coal? adopts a 2 pronged approach in settlement of issues pertaining to Quality. If a concern is raised by the buyer in the quality of the material supplied, submits the same to the Seller and allows them to sort out the issue with the buyer amicably within a stipulated timeframe (generally 48-72 hours). If the buyer and seller are able to reach to an amicable settlement pertaining to the quality, the settlement is deemed to be final and payout is made to the seller from the ESCROW account as per the settlement. However, in case no settlement is reached, appoints a reputed Third Party inspection agency (TPIA) to check the quality of the material (generally within 48-72 hours after window of amicable settlement) and the decision of the Inspection Agency Remains Binding on both Buyer and Seller. The cost of the TPIA is bourne by the party (buyer or Seller) whose claim is found to be false.

Who are the buyers of Coal on targets industries in the Steel, Cement, Paper, Bricks and Rubber/Plastic Segment who have large requirement of coal and are already consuming coal for their heating and energy needs.

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