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Cancellation & Refund Policy

    1. Since begins working on the promotion of the registered sellers from the date of registration, we follow a no cancellation and no refund policy for the membership taken at the time of registration.
    2. The Sellers are required to understand all the entitlements and benefits of under the different categories of memberships being offered by
    3. However, may come up with limited time offers which permits sellers to upgrade their membership tiers by paying difference in the membership tier currently availed by them and the new tier they wish to enroll themselves in during the time.
    4. reserves the right to cancel & forfeit the subscription of any seller found to be in breach of the agreement, terms of Use & trade policy of without providing any reason for the cancellation.
    1. The scenario of Payment using ESCROW account shall become applicable if the buyer chooses the method of payment as ESCROW while floating the inquiry to various sellers.
    2. in line with its terms of use, Trade Policy and Payment Policy shall refund the performance guarantee deposited by the buyers & Sellers in the timeframe mentioned in the payment policy of
    3. The refund of difference in the payment received on the basis of the ordered quantity and the actual quantity received shall be made to the buyer per the payment policy of upon the receipt of documents proving the actual quantity received by the buyer.
    1. All trades are governed by the terms of Use, Seller Agreement, Trade Policy and Payment policy of
    2. Neither Buyer nor the Seller shall have the right to cancel the order once placed by them. Any cancellation or non-compliance of the trade policy, payment policy, terms of Use and Seller Agreement shall be liable to be treated as default of the defaulting party and result in the forfeiture of the performance guarantee deposited by them.
    3. The forfeited performance guarantee shall be used to compensate the aggrieved party as per the trade Policy of